Work Should Be FUN!

Work virtually and/or in person with flexible schedules. 


What We Do:

We provide reps with the tools they need to learn new skills and make money selling the worlds finest cutlery. Our sales representatives meet virtually one-on-one with potential customers to show them CUTCO products and help introduce them to an amazing American made product.

Most people buy but some don’t, and that’s okay! We provide our sales reps a guaranteed base pay each time they show CUTCO to a qualified potential customer whether the customer buys or not.

We provide training and skills for our representatives that they will take with them for the rest of their life, so even if someone is working with us for a short period of time there is a ton of opportunity for growth. However, we do offer advancement and career opportunities in both sales and management. 

Things We Offer:

Great Pay

We offer a guaranteed base pay of $22 per appointment, with the opportunity to earn more based on performance.

Personal Growth

This job forces our representatives to challenge themselves, which makes them grow in ways necessary for success. We teach time management, communication, goal setting, networking and so much more. 

No Experience Necessary

We care more about the future than the past. All we look for is someone who is coachable, fun and positive. We provide full training for those we think are a good fit for the job! *MUST BE 17+ TO APPLY.

Flexible Schedule

We offer full or part time positions, meaning anyone we bring onto the team can work around their schedule. Our reps set their own appointments around school, another job, sports, clubs, friends, family, etc. 

Request Interview:

What Does The Interview Involve?
  • Such an inspiring story! Our company not only teaches skills you’ll take with you for the rest of your life, but it helps people become successful in so many ways!
  • Dress business casual and be prepared to have your camera and microphone on in an environment without many distractions.
  • At the very least, it offers you the opportunity to gain more professional interview experience while figuring out if it’s a good fit.
What Are The Pay & Hours?
  • Pay ranges based on position and skill level, with advancement available to leaders.
  • Entry level sales & customer service has a starting rate of $22 base per appointment, with the opportunity to earn more based on performance.
  • Office admin has a starting rate of $15 with chances for promotions and bonuses.
  • Schedules are 100% flexible: work around a full class schedule or another job.
  • If accepted, myself or my assistant will help create a schedule that’s best for you.
What Type Of Person Are We Looking For?
  • Eager to learn: we look for people that want to improve their resume and communication skills.
  • Fun, Positive, Coach-able, and Hard Working
  • All ages 17+ are invited to apply with us.
  • Anyone we bring onto the team is trained in house. This is the reason no experience is required while being a great opportunity for students to build their resume.
Where Are We Located?
  • We have locations in Morris County, Middlesex County, Mercer County, and Sussex County.
  • Due to  the current situation, our interviews, training, and work is all virtual. After everything opens back up, all positions are able to be continued as a work-from-home position.

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