Hands down the best job I’ve ever had. I’ve met some amazing people, traveled to places I wouldn’t have otherwise, learned a ton of lifelong skills, and made pretty great money. I came back this March after some time away and the work from home opportunities only make it more accessible! If you’re on the fence I’d definitely request an interview to learn more!
Sean Hamilton

I worked for vector marketing for a few years in college. It was a great experience and an excellent way to begin my career in sales. The office is a great place to learn, everyone was very supportive and helpful.

Alex Occhio

Been working for Vector Marketing for almost a year now and my life has drastically changed for the better. I’m more confident, I can sell people on myself, I have communication skills that don’t compare to my peers, but most importantly I’ve never enjoyed working so much in my life. This company allows me the chance to work hard and be rewarded for all my hard work. I’m so grateful for the path Vector has led me down!
Paige Weber

I’ve been working with Vector out of the Denville office for over a year now and it’s be a greater experience than I could have ever imagined. I’ve been able to gain real work experience while making ridiculous part-time income. Working here has helping me with my presentation skills, communication and people skills and helped me build my confidence. Its a fun place to work and I definately recommend everyone come in and check it out if you’re looking for a fun job that will people you gain good experience and make good money in the process.
Zach Becker

I’ve been working here for about 3 months now. I’ve had an awesome time with it and a great experience. It’s a fun work environment in the office, and work doesn’t really feel like work at all. On top of the resume experience it’s also great preparation for any career path. You gain skills with public speaking, time management, organization, and countless other things. If you’re considering the job definitely try it out, there’s nothing to lose and so much to gain.
Josh Gribbon

Vector marketing has changed my life for the better giving me an incredible opportunity to work in the field of my dreams. I have room to grow and gain some real life experience that will set me up for success in the future. I have nothing but praise for this amazing company. Thank you so much for the values and lessons taught to me!
Jacob DeFuria

One of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had at a job has been with Vector Marketing. The people are amazing, the atmosphere is great, and there’s nothing to sell yourself out on because everything we do is genuine, by the book, and I’m passionate about Cutco by its products and guarantees. There’s literally is no better opportunity for those who want to be in sales, those who are in college, or those who didn’t finish school. This is where the life that you want can start!

Mark Novillo

This job has taught me so much about myself. A truly priceless experience with some extraordinary people. If you are offered the chance to work here, take full advantage of it and don’t let this opportunity pass you by!
Jack Fitzgerald

Incredible team! The managers are quick on their feet with any questions or concerns and everyone is always willing to help. These are some of the most motivated and understanding people I’ve met! There is a good balance of encouragement and constructive criticism which pushes you to consistently improve.
Swarnim Ranjan

I love the culture of learning and personal development. The harder I work, the better the person I’m becomming. I’m sure that applies to many things – but I learned that here!
Greg Cothran Jr

I have been working at Vector for about a year now and I have found nothing that compares to this environment. The people you will meet along the way are truly inspiring people who all want to see each other succeed and grow. Not to mention, the skills and person I have become since working here I would could have never imagined. I saw so much growth in 2 months. This is truly a special place.
Daniel Diaz

I first started working at Vector over the summer of 2015 as a sales rep and then had the opportunity to open a branch office in the summer of 2016. The skills I learned working at Vector without a doubt helped me land my first job out of college at a premier head hunting firm in the tech space. I learned time management, public speaking, and goal setting skills that helped me thrive in the entrepreneurial environment that Vector fosters. Between the lessons learned and the people I met, I would 100% recommend Vector to anyone looking to grow on a personal and professional level.
Jimmy Gauff

I started with Vector 2 years ago May 26th to be exact and I have had so many fantastic experiences while working with them. Even now that I do not work for them anymore primarily I still maintain a great network with them because of the impact they can have on one’s life personally and professionally. Great culture and opportunities, and an even better team.
Adam Reinstein

I started a position at Vector over winter break because it was very flexible with my everyday schedule. This position helped me gain better communication and time-management skills, develop a strong work ethic to set and achieve goals, and is just an enjoyable atmosphere to work in. I honestly enjoy coming to the office everyday!

Marisa Cicenia

I worked for Vector Marketing in Morris last summer and it has been an excellent experience in facilitating exciting new friendships, personal and professional growth, and not to mention some great money. I decided to try out this job, not exactly sure what to expect, and I have truly been able to enhance my communication and goal-setting skills to be the best version of myself, especially in terms of my self-confidence and developing the ability to step out of my comfort zone and achieve substantial success. Overall, I would recommend Vector, Morris to anyone looking to have the exciting, productive, and phenomenal summer experience that I did.
Christine Padula

10/10. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was working here.
Evan Daire