My number one goal: to provide value to your students and your school!

My main goal is to work with schools in the area to impact you and your students. I have worked with many schools in the area!

•  Rutgers University has had us hold campus tables 8 times this semester to let their students know about the great opportunity, especially since one of our students on the team has won a scholarship through us 2x in a row! NJIT also had me run a campus table, emailed their full student body about our program, and has invited me to give business lectures to their students.

•  Essex County School of Technology had me do a guest lecture with their senior business class, and their CTE advisor approved us as a senior internship for their students. Parsippany Hills High School posted about us on their instagram account!

•  We are also partnered on Handshake and we are working closely with Seton Hall University, CCM, the College of Saint Elizabeth, Kinnelon High School, and many more.

The most popular ways that I have worked with schools such as Caldwell Tech, NJIT, Seton Hall, Rutgers, Kinnelon HS, local DECA chapters, as well as many others:

• Information and recruiting tables at senior/junior lunches

• Employer panels, guest lectures, and workshops

• Sharing our paid-internships through job-postings, emails to students, and fliers

• Volunteering to help set up a school’s career fair, business clothing drive, DECA event, & other volunteer opportunities.

• Social media posts on school accounts, permission to draw sidewalk chalk or hang up posters, or Naviance / Handshake / job board posts about our paid internship and scholarship opportunities

About Us

Our positions:

  • We have two positions we are accepting applications for. The first is our entry-level sales representative position, with a pay of $22.00 base-appt (guaranteed regardless of sales).
  • The second is our social media receptionist position, with a pay of $15/hour. We are more-so accepting applications for our sales representative position.
  • Note: students must be at least 17 years old to be considered.

Skills For Life:

  • All of our accepted applicants complete a one-time, 2-3 day training seminar.
  • The seminar is the same training used in classrooms at Purdue and the University of Calgary. It is a college-accredited formalized business training seminar. We have been in over 40 college textbooks and 8 case studies.
  • We work with students of all different majors and interests (like business, pre-med, engineering, psychology, and many more) because the skills they learn are very transferable (ex: time management, communication, networking, public speaking, working with people, having a goal oriented mindset, and learning how to sell themselves)
  • We focus on teaching our teammates skills like time-management, public speaking, communication, marketing psychology, networking.
  • We offer many avenues for growth: advancement opportunities, career opportunities, workshops, and personal coaching. Our representatives even have the opportunity to earn a letter of recommendation from our CEO.

Our Organization:

  • Vector has been awarded as the #1 best job for students by College Magazine, the #12 best company to work for by USA Today, DECA’s national advisory board partner in 2017, among many other awards.
  • My New Jersey Division has awarded 24 students with scholarships in the last 10 years. Our New Jersey Division performs within the top 6% of performers in the company. 
  • We have a leadership program for our top-students called Leadership Academy, where we teach our students personal, professional, emotional, and financial growth skills.

A few of my favorite aspects of our program:

  • Our positions can be worked both virtually and/or in person (our offices are in Livingston and Paramus, so students who live far often work virtually)
  • We are a direct-sales company. There are no start-up costs, no cold-calling, no door-to-door, or anything like that.
  • Our representatives are given a guaranteed pay regardless of sales. The earn large bonuses for the sales that they make. My first summer working here, I earned over $4000 in sales bonuses working only 10 hours a week.
  • We offer completely flexible schedules for our teammates once they complete their training.

About Our Product: Cutco

  • Cutco is a line of high-quality kitchen cutlery, cookware, flatware, outdoor pieces, and accessories.
  • We have a commitment to quality, that’s why we can work with students who have little or no experience.
  • Everything we make is American Made, Forever Guaranteed, and Dishwasher Safe
  • First knife was manufactured in 1949, over 70 years ago!
  • Forever Guarantee: whenever anything needs sharpening or replacing, it’s done for free.
  • Because the product sells itself, it allows our students to focus on learning how to sell themselves and build professional connections with people.

Just the Facts

Breaks down everything about the position in full detail. Click here to view document.


Presidents Club Letter

Letter that our representatives can earn from the president & CEO of Vector. Our CEO is the #27 best CEO in the US, rating higher than the CEOs of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Chipotle, and Lyft. Click here to view letter.

Video: About Vector Marketing in 7 Minutes or Less

Video describing the company and position in full detail.

Pay Video

Breakdown of pay and some of our product line.

Meet our Division Manager – Owen Trapp

Meet our Manager Team

Owen Trapp

Owen Trapp

Division Manager

(732) 299-6041

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Iara Vellaro

Iara Vellaro

Pilot Sales Manager

(862) 944-2314

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Lele Hartman

Lele Hartman

Sr. Executive District Manager

Sean Hamilton

Sean Hamilton

District Manager

Chloe Perez

Chloe Perez

Branch Manager

(973) 932-2675

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Aidan Martin

Aidan Martin

Branch Manager

(201) 290-4983

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Karisma Holloway

Karisma Holloway

Sales Manager

(718) 213-9123

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LaRaven Gordon

LaRaven Gordon

Branch Manager

(848) 269-7402

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“Based on employee reviews posted on Glassdoor, an online platform for former and current employees to review companies, 24/7 Wall Street identified the best American companies to work for. Out of a universe of hundreds, only 18 large companies received a score of more than 4 out of 5 stars.We were number 12!

Not to mention… Our office has had 24 student scholarship winners!

In 2019, Comparably awarded Vector Marketing as…

Top 50 for Best Company for Diversity

Top 50 for Best Company for Women

#27 Best CEO in America

#23 Best Company Culture

Top 50 for Best Company Work-Life Balance

Top 50 for Best Company Happiness

“One way or another, successful entrepreneurs need to be able to convince other people to do stuff — aka ”sell.” Whether it’s getting a venture capitalist to invest, an engineer to quit their day job to join your startup, a customer to buy your product or your co-founder to agree with your decision, a solid grasp of how to pitch and close is handy, if not fundamental.”

Chester Ng, Entrepreneur

#1 Best Summer Job for College Students

“Vector Marketing for Cutco creates a supportive, innovative and positive working environment for students.”

Lauren Robers, College Magazine

DECA 2017 Marlene Morbitt-Dunn National Advisory Board Partner of the Year

“These are skills Mr. Williams says he has touted in every job search he’s conducted and used every job he’s worked in. What’s more, he and others say, the experience has caught the eye of recruiters and interviewers.”

Sarah E. Needleman, Wall Street Journal

#12 Best U.S. Companies to Work For 2019

“Among the roughly 1.5 million Cutco alumni are successful people like Uber cofounder and former CEO Travis Kalanick, comedian Daniel Tosh, and David Plouffe, a senior adviser to Barack Obama and the manager of his 2008 presidential campaign.

Successful people credit Cutco, the company that recruits college kids to sell knives, with teaching them business lessons that last for life”

Mark Abadi, Business Insider

#22 in Best Workplaces for Millennials™ 2019