13 Reasons EVERY Student Should Consider Working With Vector

The opportunity we offer young adults is one of a kind. Click on each reason to expand on that topic.

1. Amazing People & Experiences

If you ask anyone at Vector what their favorite part about the job is, almost everyone will tell you “it’s the people.” Vector offers an environment that cultivates growth and helps people become a better version of themselves. With a mix of friendly competition, everyone working as a team, and everyone rooting for each other’s goals, Vector friendships last a lifetime.

Not only are the people awesome, but the experiences are amazing, too. There are opportunities to attend Professional Development Conferences, as well as incentive trips that representatives can win.

2. Skills For Life

The job is about so much more than just selling CUTCO. Some of the skills that we would help you develop are communication, networking, time management, goal setting, public speaking, handling adversity, and so much more! Your career path may not be in sales, but every professional should know how to sell themselves.

Do something different and become more well-rounded. Most of our representatives have no sales experience and do not plan on pursuing sales in their future careers. We pride our business on the teaching of the professional skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Through the professional development paths that we offer, we can help you transform into the most confident and motivated version of yourself. 

3. Resume Experience

When working at Vector, students are never given busywork to pass the time. Vector gives reps the opportunity to have real work experience. The one-on-one mentoring that Vector provides to students could strengthen their skills in areas such as working with people, communication, goal-setting, time-management, networking, and more. Set yourself apart from your peers by putting something meaningful and different on your resume, that you can translate to any future career.

4. Stand Out | Do Something Different

Don’t do the ordinary college student job… Do now what others won’t, so in the future you can do what others can’t. Almost every student works at a restaurant, grocery market, tutors, or babysits. Those are all great jobs, but they don’t stand out. Gain real-work experience and strengthen your skills in a way that will make you stand out from the rest. Develop self-discipline, and strengthen your persistence and grit. 

5. Expand Your Network

The larger your network, the larger your net worth. Relationships matter, and they can help you get to where you want to go. The Vector experience offers a constant opportunity for young adults to build professional relationships and expand their network in a meaningful way. 

6. Flexible Schedules

The representative position is more of an opportunity than a job, because our reps have the ability to create their own schedules on a week-by-week basis. Some reps take advantage of our career positions and make a living working full-time, but many are students that work around classes or other jobs.

We understand that school comes first, and we give representatives the opportunity to make great money while working around school. Our representatives really work for themselves, because they are working towards their own goals, but not by themselves, because they always have the support of our staff.

7. World Class Training

Someone doesn’t have to be great at sales, or have a ton of sales experience, to be successful with Vector. The product sells itself, and our training prepares our reps to maximize their success with the company. Not only would you be trained to succeed, but you’ll also gain hands-on experience in a professional setting.

Direct sales is a master degree in soft skills. Any reps who complete the world-class business training can put it on their resume. Vector’s formalized training seminar is even college-accredited. The self-confidence alone that being #VectorTrained develops can be life changing. And not to mention, it’s free…

8. No Start Up Costs

Representatives never have to purchase the product or pay to work here. At the end of training, we lend our reps sample kits with about $400 worth of Cutco that they can use for free, as long as they are an active representative. We also have a Fast Start contest where representatives have the opportunity to win almost every product we make, which is based on the results of their first 10 days at Vector.

9. Advancement Opportunities

Everyone starts out as a sales representative. Being a rep is a great way to build your resume and learn sales skills you can take with you anywhere. However, there can be more to it than that: we also provide opportunities for our sales reps to advance into leadership roles, management roles, and career sales roles. We believe in promoting from within.

The best part? These positions can be held around school and other responsibilities. In fact, many of our managers started out as sales reps in college, and continued their education before deciding to turn Vector into their full-time career after graduation.


10. Earn What You're Worth

If anyone is going to be in control of your pay check, it should be you. What our reps put into the position is what they get out of it: our representatives earn in direct proportion to how hard they work. Our representatives love that as they improve, grow and learn, they increase the opportunity to earn. We have a guaranteed rate of $25 per appointment, which provides a floor for reps to stand on, but with the opportunity to earn commission, there is no ceiling that limits their earning potential.

11. Scholarship & Internship Opportunities

Students that work with Vector have the opportunity to earn a scholarship through the company. Many students pay their way through college with the Vector opportunity, and there are multiple ways that students can earn scholarships. Many schools also count Vector’s paid work experience as an internship, and students can utilize this to get credit for their classes. Purdue University actually has classes where the grade is dependent on how well the student does with the company, and many textbooks use Vector as a resource. 

12. High Quality Products

Cutco is American made and guaranteed forever, meaning it is one of – if not the the only – product that someone can buy once, use every day, and would never have to replace. Since the customers have the opportunity to try the product, it sells itself.

This means it is very low pressure, and we just look for reps that can have fun with their customers. We offer so many different options: from cutlery, flatware, accessories, cookware, kitchen tools, garden tools, sporting knives, and great gift options. Customers can buy anything in sets, or just one piece individually.


13. Why Not?

You don’t know what you don’t know, so you may as well find out more about every opportunity that is currently available. There is no opportunity better for a young adult to grow themselves, to develop as a professional, or to earn more. The position is not for everyone, but you never know if you don’t give it a try. The best time to explore different options and see what type of work you enjoy is now.

Come in for an interview and find out why:
86% of our representatives would recommend working with the company
USA Today named us as the #12 employer to work for in the United States based on employee ratings
College Magazine ranked us the #1 opportunity for college students

If it’s not for you at that point then no big deal, if it’s something you see yourself enjoying then we can figure out training for you. Click here to request an interview.


“Vector Marketing for Cutco creates a supportive, innovative and positive working environment for students.”
Lauren Robers, College Magazine

“Successful people credit Cutco, the company that recruits college kids to sell knives, with teaching them business lessons that last for life”
Mark Abadi, Business Insider

“One way or another, successful entrepreneurs need to be able to convince other people to do stuff — aka ”sell.” Whether it’s getting a venture capitalist to invest, an engineer to quit their day job to join your startup, a customer to buy your product or your co-founder to agree with your decision, a solid grasp of how to pitch and close is handy, if not fundamental.”
Chester Ng, Entrepreneur

“These are skills Mr. Williams says he has touted in every job search he’s conducted and used every job he’s worked in. What’s more, he and others say, the experience has caught the eye of recruiters and interviewers.”
Sarah E. Needleman, Wall Street Journal